HI Yoloers,

We are glad to announce the next protocol, YoloSwap.

There is no doubt Uniswap is the most successful in the digital currency space after Bitcoin and Etherium. Along with the success of Uniswap, the concept of Automatic Market(AMM) becomes very popular.

However, Uniswap didn’t become popular on the first day. In order to make AMM work, liquidity providers(LP) are needed. To attract LPs, Uniswap has to redistribute the swap trading commissions mostly to LPs. In the cold winter of digital currency between 2017 and 2019, it’s not a bad way for people to make a few bucks while…

Basis Yolo is the first algorithmic stablecoin based on retail culture as YOLO and Walltreetbets on HECO. Basis Yolo is inspired by Walltreetbets and is committed to creating a decentralized community of retail investors. Basis Yolo has two farmable tokens. One is Basis Yolo Cash, a stable coin that seeks to be valued at $1. The other is Basis Yolo Share, an ownership token that receives inflationary rewards from Basis Yolo Cash, deriving value from the increased adoption of Basis Yolo Cash. This guide will give you a step-by-step overview of the distribution process’s mechanism.

Basis Yolo Protocol embraces an…


Basis Yolo

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